In breaking news, the reigning and three-time International Multiclub Champion MG Valve Cover racer (also known as “MG’s TD”, also known as “Mike Goodwin’s very slick looking red car with pretty cool lights and stuff”, also known as “#6”, also known as “that car that some have said he had too much help building from one of the shops of a once-major photographic manufacturer”, also known in the MGCCWNY local race scene as “generally a reliable third or fourth place finisher”) has been retired and scrapped.  In a recent interview, Mike stated, “I’m getting tired of finishing slower than that Bill Baldwin thing with the somehow-sneaky little blue plastic wheels.  I’m tired of the Hollis Hames/Dan Goodwin duo’s car beating me to the finish line, probably using some proprietary RIT wheel bearings, and I am especially tired of eating Brooks Schneider’s smoke!”

2006-01-21 MGCC Valve Cover Races - 17

(MG’s TD lines up against Eat My Smoke – 2006)

Afficionados will recall that in Mike’s debut year of 2006, his car took second place overall, and won the People’s Choice Award.  Unnamed sources report that for 2016, Mike has almost completely ignored the People’s Choice category saying, “I’ve evolved; that’s just Pee-Wee Herman stuff,” and spraying on just enough silver paint and adding a few stickers so the car is not an eyesore. These same sources report that Goodwin may have come across a rather large supply of solid lead and has placed it strategically within the valve cover so as to maximize the car’s speed.  On the condition of anonymity, these same sources report that Mike may try to sneak his car in at over the allotted 12 pounds, but when asked about this, Mike pooh-poohed that in an official statement saying, “Cheaters never win and winners never cheat.  I’ve made allowances for the unreliability of the weigh-in scale, and will be able to adjust the car’s weight accordingly. I expect to weigh in at exactly 12 pounds.”

Mike has released the following photos.  When asked, “Why Simple Green?” Goodwin said, “It’s not rocket science, it’s simple.  I painted my wheels dark green, and did another simple thing; I made sure they were round.  Besides, I like the shiny sticker.”  Is this really the car that Goodwin hopes it is?  Will it handily take the large-bore division on Sunday, February 28th?  Be there!IMG_5292 IMG_5293 IMG_5295 IMG_5296

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