As many of you know, I’ve been participating in the Moss Motoring Challenge again this year, driving hither and yon, snapping photos of my MGB (with myself and the contest brochure included in the shot) at various challenging places of interest listed by Moss. Most of the places are worth a single point, but some of the more unusual or rare items on the challenge are worth two or three points each, and a couple oddballs are worth four points. Drivers submit their photos and tallied score sheets by year-end, and those with the highest point totals can win up to a $1000 Moss Motors gift certificate (2nd place is worth $500, third is worth $250, and the next 50 runners-up each get a $50 gift certificate).

While I have no hope of winning one of the big prizes, I’m doing what I can to qualify for a $50 prize. Good thing the driving is fun; I’ve been burning a lot more gasoline than $50 worth!

Yesterday, though we woke up to about an inch of snow covering the wet leaves, by afternoon the snow was gone and the roads just damp, and so Susan and I set off from Chili to the Priestley’s place in Bloomfield to capture the elusive 3-point pink Cadillac! It was only about 40 degrees out, so we kept the convertible hood up on the B, and while we weren’t exactly shivering, it was none too warm. I was reminded of a friend who built a solar-powered lamp. The lamp would turn on only when the sun was already shining; not very useful. The heater in the MGB works great… as long as it’s already warm outside!

Jim and Dawn got the Caddy out of the garage for us, and Susie snapped this shot of me with the cars. Yes, that’s Dawn’s metallic pink hat I’m wearing; Jim insisted. Many thanks to Jim and Dawn for the photo opportunity, for a delicious dinner and a fun evening! Another great reminder that MG is the marque of friendship!

Safety Fast (and stay warm!)


“Do I really have to wear this hat? I’m sure it would look better on Dawn!”