News Flash –

I’ve just learned that the award winning Pee-Wee Herman will not be appearing at the Valve Cover Races on Sunday. BUT – His younger sister, the wonderful Princes Silver Crackle, will be there sporting a brand new valvecover2specially designed racing tire. We did learn that Pee-Wee loaned the Princess his under carriage with it’s unique micro adjustable steering system.

It is also rumored that the partial cleaning of the Zak Garage last week has made it possible for this brand new design. Because the owner was able to find the wood lathe over in the corner under the Volvo seats.

This new design has had hours of thought put into it and the tires coupleed with new bearings will make the Princess’s behind something most will be watching as she pulls away from them to the finish line. The Princess did not need lead – being somewhat on the chunky side herself.

We asked the question – “Will there be any electronics invovled?” – The answer was a rather vague – “Maybe, if I get back in the kitchen and finish Barbara’s dinner and stop writing on this silly computer.”