MGBruce – by Don McConell

For those Little British Car owners there are two seasons. 1. The driving season ( plenty of cruse nights, club events or daily tours, even shows too). 2. The repair or update season. I think it is time for that second season to begin. Judging by the articles in SPOKES there is plenty of help from club members to get the repair completed before the season ends. The two seasons seems to be true with what ever kind of vintage car you own. Just the nature of the beast. Thoes who own vintage cars probably will tell you they “wouldn’t have it any other way”. Everyone working on a project will at some point need a break The club has ideas to give members a break from thoes repairs. Valve cover racing , Steak Roast are but a fiew. So check out an event to take a break from thoes repairs. Have some fun and clear your mind. Might I mention here to continue to submitt your photos (working on your car) for the calendar. Since it is November a month for Giving Thanks. Not only are we Thankful for family and health but also for the chance to have a Little British Car and the Car Club family. Hope everyone has a great month. See you at the meeting.

Happy Top Down