Barbie and Ken have reported that they’ve dismantled their valve cover racer, stripped it down to the axles, and are getting a complete redesign and rebuild for the upcoming (February 11th) races.  According to Barbie, “This one will be speedy and run straight and true.  I had to get a fast car because I’m tired of Princess Silver Crinkle getting all the media attention.”

MGCC members and former Valve Cover Racer drivers Barbie and Ken sip champagne and nibble wine and cheese as they look on while Susan shapes the chassis.

Car owner and builder Susan Goodwin, working on the chassis, says “Barbie and Ken wanted a fast car to replace that old boat they used to drive. I actually thought the old car was fast enough. It was their poor driving skills; they just drank too much!”

Car owner and builder Susan Goodwin demonstrates her router skills.  She says, “I always agreed with racing legend Jackie Stewart when he talked about aerodynamics, and I loved his dreamy Scottish accent.”

Is this Susan’s new racer? (and what’s that speedy-looking thing lurking in the background?)