Car Show, TODAY, SUNDAY July 16th, Pre reg is closed. Field opens at 9am.

Announcement for Members

September 7-10, 2017

Reservations are now available.
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These rooms are for MG Car Club members only.

Late Breaking news – 2016 Valve Race

News Flash - I've just learned that the award winning Pee-Wee Herman will not be appearing at the Valve Cover Races on Sunday. BUT - His younger sister, the wonderful Princes Silver Crackle, will be there sporting a brand new specially designed racing tire. We did...

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2016 Valve Cover Race Preview

  In breaking news, the reigning and three-time International Multiclub Champion MG Valve Cover racer (also known as "MG's TD", also known as "Mike Goodwin's very slick looking red car with pretty cool lights and stuff", also known as "#6", also known as "that...

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Moss Motoring Challenge

Here are a few pictures from my driving this year.  My MGB got out of Western NY a few times this year.  I think I'll qualify for a free Moss Motoring T-shirt and maybe even a $50 gift certificate!  You should sign up for the challenge next...

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