-Send your first photo or photos to
-With your name
-With the year, make and model of your car or cars you intend to use for the challenge
                (not your everyday vehicle*)
-Attach your photos, identified with the destination numbers

 (* Exceptions may be made – contact Susan Goodwin at for details)



-Find the complete (printable) list of destinations on the website or published in Spokes monthly

     Click HERE for the online Destination list

-Drive to the listed destinations
-Please get most of your car in the photo (no shots from out the window please)
-All photos must be taken this year
-Snap a picture of your car at the destination preferably with yourself or teammate in the photo
-Send the photos by email with the destination numbers as you complete them to:

-You can do the destinations in any order except the ones with cut off dates

-All photos due on or before November 1st 2024

-Enjoy monthly updates in Spokes where you’ll see yours and other competitors’ photos and get updates on the scoring

 You will score 1 or more points for each destination.  Points vary depending on the difficulty or the creativity required.  Additional bonus points are given for some of the destinations, so try to get the most points possible.


-All photos are due on or before November 1st 2024

-Have fun!