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Sharing Lunch with Cars?


It’s a picnic at Churchville park – hot dogs for lunch – and talk about cars.

If you want to let another member tryout your sports car that would be ok – that’s the “with Cars” part. The area surrounding Churchville Park has some great roads with little traffic. A great time to test drive a car. You can let others take your car out for a drive or you can drive with them. Your car – your choice.

If you put your email in I’ll let you know which shelter we will be at – they do maintenance in the spring so we’ll work around that. 

It’s an opportunity for camaraderie about cars and maybe a chance to try that model you’ve always wanted to try.


When: May 19th starting at 10am

Where: Churchville Park

For: Club Members

Cost: Free. There will be a donation box.

Sharing Lunch with Cars
Will you be attending?
Will you be letting members try out your car?

What cars will be there – here’s the list: 

Car coming: 1959 Volvo 445

Car coming:

Car coming: Mgb v8 conversion

Car coming: Not sure

Car coming: 1965 Triumph TR4A

Car coming: Dodge

Car coming: 993

Car coming:

Car coming: 2011 Camaro RS

Car coming: