2023 Winery Tour – “Got Wine”?

This year’s winery tour will be to a winery that is off the beaten path, and one you may not be aware even exists. However, if you are Catholic and attend communion regularly, you have had their product as they provide all the sacramental wines for the Rochester area Diocese. Eagle Crest Vineyards is located on the western shore of Hemlock Lake, just south of St. Michael’s Mission and is our destination this year.

Before doing a wine tasting, a hearty breakfast is in order, and we will be having breakfast at the Lima Family Diner in Lima at 7320 E. Main Street in Lima.

Google Maps – Lima Family Restaurant

We will meet there starting at 10:00 AM for breakfast. The reason for the early arrival was at the request of the restaurant. The room is large enough for up to 60 people, however they have a small wait and cooking staff so they requested we arrive in blocks of 8 to 10 people, every 10 to 12 minutes or so. I will adjust the number and arrival times based on the number who sign up.

Doing this will give the staff time to get your order and get it cooked and served. Once seated you can stay till departure, they just need the staggered arrivals. The Wednesday before (August 16th) I have to give them the final headcount. At that time I will send out an email to the list with the names of people attending and what time you should arrive at. Please try to be prompt with your time. After everyone has eaten, we will have a short drivers meeting and we will embark at 11:30 AM on a 30 mile tour on secondary and back roads to Eagle Crest, arriving between 12:00 and 12:30 PM.

Please be sure your brakes are in good order as there are a couple of steep ascents and descents on the route.

Eagle Crest tasting fees are $15.00 for a flight of Five Wines, and they also offer wine by the glass, Hard Cider by the glass, and wine slushies.

If you care to see what wines they offer beforehand, visit www.purewineonline.com for the complete wine list. Select the Eagle Crest banner when you land on their Home Page.


Below are some pictures I took of the winery when we did the Route check.


There will be a sign up sheet at the July meeting, and I can accept email and phone sign up for breakfast until Sunday August 13th. If you want to attend just the tour to the winery without breakfast, you can sign up until the day before the 19th.



Aug 19 2023


Mike Robinson

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