Basket Auction “Thank You” Meet up – Birdhouse Brewing, Noble Sheppard and Wizard of Clay

What is a “Thank You” Meetup? They are meets I have set up for us as a club to attend as a group and say “Thank you” to the various establishments that donated items for the Car Show basket auction this year. As you know it was a very successful auction, bringing in over $1500 dollars of net profit to the club. I think it’s only fitting that we help the donors be successful in return. In September and November we are also pretty light on activities and this will be a good way to fill in some blank weekends.

These will not be actual “tours” where we meet somewhere and drive as a group, but rather meet there at the specified time. You can attend one or both on a given day, but I hope we get good turnouts at all of them because it makes it much easier to go back and ask for items for next year’s car show.

This day’s Meet Up will be to Birdhouse Brewing in Honeoye, and Noble Sheppard Craft Brewery and Wizard of Clay in Bristol Center. Again all three of these donors provided items for our 2019 Car Show.

We will start at The Birdhouse at 12:00 noon as they have food service if you would like to have lunch. The Google Maps Link is – The Birdhouse

From there we will depart approximately 2:45 for the 15 minute ride to Noble Sheppard and Wizard of Clay arriving around 3:00. They are both right next door to each other so you can browse one or  both as you wish. The Google Maps Link to both is – Noble Sheppard and Wizard of Clay

I hope we get good turnouts at each of them because it makes it much easier to go back the following year to ask for items for the car show. This will also be a rain or shine event. In the event of bad weather bringing the daily driver is acceptable.


Oct 01 2023


There is no set end time. It's over when it's over.
12:00 am - 12:00 am

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