Summer Driving Tour

Summer Driving Tour, Saturday August 5th, at 9:15.  Meet at the parking lot near the west shelter in Powder Mills Park.

Google map link to the meeting spot in; Powder Mills Park meeting place

Gather around 9:15, brief Driver’s meeting at 9:30AM, and first group to set off at 9:45.

It will take us to the Rush area, then continue west and finish at “My Kinda Place” in Churchville.  The route is about 58 miles, and takes about 1:55 to drive it.

Restaurant details:  our numbers have swelled well above the initial range that I had discussed with the restaurant.  On Sunday, I drove out to meet Bob the owner and he has requested some steps to streamline our group:  there are four available menu choices (below) and he has included beverage (soda drinks or coffee, etc.) and has created a single averaged price for any of the 4 items including menu choice with side, beverage, tax and tip of $19.50 per person.  Individual/couples checks are still available but will be written up as noted above.  We will simply sit in available tables and booths, and identify ourselves as being with the MG club.

The menu choices–we do not need to know in advance but these will be the choices:

  1. Beef on a Weck with side
  2. Grilled Chicken sandwich with side
  3. Bacon cheeseburger with side
  4. Caesar salad with or without chicken


Apologies for the menu limitations but we have a large group to accommodate!


Aug 05 2023


9:15 am


Powder Mills Park


Dan Suter / George Haynes

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  1. Richard Reynolds

    I will be attending this drive.

  2. Bud Sinnott

    We would love to do the driving tour on Aug5

  3. Mike Robinson

    Richard I didn’t see your name on the attending list Dan Suter sent out. I would contact Dan directly through the club email.


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