…what it is ain’t exactly clear. But it is certainly in preparation for the Western New York MG Car Club’s upcoming Valve Cover Races on Sunday, March 27th. (See the March issue of Spokes for details.)

Somewhere in a secret underground facility in western New York (okay, it’s in my basement), there’s some hush-hush designing, testing, retrofitting, going on.

Ken, erstwhile driver of the “Love Boat” was kicked off the team by Crew Chief Barbie, who commented “He was such a loser, I dumped him. I can do better on my own.”

Ken had no comment as to whether he’d be driving something new, but rumors abound concerning a newer, faster, sleeker something coming from the underground labs on Harmony Circle.

The Spokes Speedy Special team also had no comment regarding rumors of the addition to the team of Mr. J.L.B. Matekoni, reportedly the best auto mechanic in all of Botswana. All we could get out of unnamed officials of the Spokes Racing Team was, “See you at the races.”