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Robert Burns Day Mg Car Club

From our SPOKES editor -

This time of year is a time to enjoy a tour of the back roads and enjoy nature. Try the fall tour on the 10th. always enjoyable and a fun time. As you will see this issue is again packed with information and stories. It is a challange to get it all in but that is the fun part. I even have articles to go in the next issue already.

My wife and I did a solo tour the weekend of the 26th . We went to Amsterdam N.Y. to visit some of her family. We generally travel the thruway to make the trip go faster. I am not a fan of the thruway but if I am the co driver, it gives me time to check out the scenery. That would be the cars and trucks. As we came up to the last in the series of exits for Syracuse. I see in the distance a smallish looking object. As we get closer to the object It becomes a little more clear as to what it is. It looked like a Jag, maybe a XK120 or XK140 and it was a coup in what I would guess to be Old English White. Right on its tail I see the owner was kind enough to place a liscense plate with “XK140Jag” on it. He received two thumbs up as we passed. That made the trip more enjoyable. I did not need a cell phone with a game on it. The game was to watch for more cool cars. Enjoy Your tours. See you at the meeting.

Happy top down, Don

Moss Motoring Challenge

Here are a few pictures from my driving this year.  My MGB got out of Western NY a few times this year.  I think I’ll qualify for a free Moss Motoring T-shirt and maybe even a $50 gift certificate!  You should sign up for the challenge next... read more

Car Club Meeting 11-19-15

Here we are at tonight’s meeting. Leon’s quite the effective instructor. (If you’re sharp, you might notice that this photo is a mirror image of reality. I actually shot the picture in Bizzaro-world.)... read more

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