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From our SPOKES editor -

I again would like to say a thank you to all who have submitted stories and photos over this past year. With out you the Spokes would be blank. I look forward to another fun year and lost of fun stories. We are at the point of saying goodby to 2016. Along with that is time for looking back on the trips and experiences that happened during the past year. The driving season for thoes sports cars was an extends one. That is something that doesn’t happen often so hope you enjoyed it. One of the benefits of that is having more time to show then off. By showing your sports car off you let people see how much fun you can have in a sports car, even without all thoes electronics gagets.

I would like to take this time to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, Happy Holiday. Enjoy your Holiday with family and friends. Maybe Santa will bring you that needed part or special modification for your LBC. I will see everyone at the January Meeting. As a phrase used by MG’ers SAFETY FAST during the holiday time.

Happy Top Down

Robbie Burns Day

Season's Greetings! I have been corresponding with Desi on the Robbie Burns Activity! It is in the works and as soon as I have more information I will share it with everyone!...

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3 points for a Pink Cadillac!

3 points for a Pink Cadillac!

  As many of you know, I've been participating in the Moss Motoring Challenge again this year, driving hither and yon, snapping photos of my MGB (with myself and the contest brochure included in the shot) at various challenging places of interest listed by Moss....

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Mystery key

As of last week, I've owned my '71 GT for 31 years. Over that span of time I've spent plenty of time crawling all over the car, including numerous hours under the bonnet. You'd think after all that time I would know everything there is to know about the car. This past...

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Ahhhh!   Mmmmmmm!

Ahhhh! Mmmmmmm!

Tonight we set our clocks ahead.  Today was a beautiful 64 or so degree day.  The birds were chirping. I'm working on the MGB and took the Mini out for a nice drive today.  My garage has a wonderful classic British car smell. Ahhhhhhh! ...

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Especially for Princess Silver Crinkle

It was recently announced that Princess Silver Crinkle will put in an appearance at today's Valve Cover Races.  As a favor to the princess, I offer the following: Princess, here's a view of the back of Simple Green. Get used to this view, it's likely all you'll see. ...

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Late Breaking news – 2016 Valve Race

News Flash - I've just learned that the award winning Pee-Wee Herman will not be appearing at the Valve Cover Races on Sunday. BUT - His younger sister, the wonderful Princes Silver Crackle, will be there sporting a brand new specially designed racing tire. We did...

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2016 Valve Cover Race Preview

  In breaking news, the reigning and three-time International Multiclub Champion MG Valve Cover racer (also known as "MG's TD", also known as "Mike Goodwin's very slick looking red car with pretty cool lights and stuff", also known as "#6", also known as "that...

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Moss Motoring Challenge

Here are a few pictures from my driving this year.  My MGB got out of Western NY a few times this year.  I think I'll qualify for a free Moss Motoring T-shirt and maybe even a $50 gift certificate!  You should sign up for the challenge next...

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